Cactus Skincare Range Review

Cactus Skincare Range











  • Fantastic Smell
  • All Natural


  • Slightly Expensive

This week i got the opportunity to test out some products from cactus skincare.

I got a small tub of White Clay Mask, Lemon Myrtle cleanser and some Light balancing creme.

As recommended in the email i got, i started out with the lemon Myrtle cleanser. This cleanser is really good for your skin without any of the nasty stuff thats in the big brand cleansers.

So for starters if you like lemon this smells amazing! i almost wanted to eat it, but i restrained myself and slapped some on my face. It feels nice and silky and worked great at removing my foundation. After a rinse there was no greasyness left and were ready for the next step.

Next up was the White clay mask and it went on really smoothly and easily. Masks ive tried in the past came in powder form which is very messy, Cactus Skincares Clay mask comes already mixed up and ready to go. Just open the lid, scoop some out and start applying it the face. If you havent done a clay mask before it feels so weird! your skin goes all tight and hard as the clay dries and sucks out all the impurities and redness from you skin.

Finally to finish i put on the Light balancing creme. It seems like a semi moisturiser/ sunscreen and it also feel great on. Had no trouble applying some loose powder foundation over the top. Good to go!

My skin was gleaming after using this 3 step treatment. I recommend popping over and checking out there great products. If your lucky they may even be offering free samples again for you to try yourself!


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  1. Len says:

    Love cactus skincare

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