Sabco RoboSweep Review

Sabco RoboSweep


Cleaning Power


Battery Length


Ease Of Use



  • Dusts The Floor efficiently
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Hour and a Half Use Per Charge
  • Reusable Pad


  • Can be a bit noisy on tiled floors



What is It? 

The ROBOSWEEP  is a simplified version on those robot vacuums you see on Tv. The Robosweep uses a microfiber cloth to pick up all loose particles it passes over, making it great for nabbing dog hairs as well as dirt and dust walked inside by your family.

How Does it work?

You Charge the Small green Ball using the wall adapter. You then simply turn on the ball and drop it inside the cage and let the Robosweep do its thing! It will sweep for An hour and a half from one charge.

What Did I Think About it?

Im my opinion this is a really great product. We have a open fireplace and two dogs in our house and the little bits of stuff that appear on the floor is never ending! After letting my little robosweep run around the lounge room for about 15 mins things are looking MUCH better! Id say 90% of the dog hair and bark (from the fire) has been caught on the cloth. Obviously any big/heavy things or sticky stains arent going to removed using the robosweep but its really done a fantastic job at sweeping up the floors for me!

I Didn’t think something that is rounded could clean properly in the Corners, but the design of this product really does allow it to get into the corners and kind of rolls itself around and  then out. Its a seeing is believing type thing! Also Robosweep Never seems to Get Stuck, Even when im sure hes well and truly stuck somewhere, he proves me wrong and will wiggle out of the situation!

I will happily be letting this little fella do my midday sweep for me in the future!

Is it Worth the Price?

Really reasonably priced, there not asking hundereds of dollars like these other whiz bang things you see, this is a simple device which comes at a down to earth cost of around $50 AU at most retailers.

Robosweep is a must have for all Aussie families who hate housework! The fun factor alone of watching the dogs faces is a treat to behold. Let Us Know Your thoughts below

See the Sabco Robosweep in action in the video below!!

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  1. Wen says:

    This thing is so cute haha

  2. Jim Nest says:

    Looks fun! I cant find these locally though

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