Duromine Australia Review & Diary


Day 1 : 95.4kg,  Calories Eaten = 800, Exercise= None

Took A 30mg pill at 8:00am, didnt feel much for the first few hours. I was still hungry so i had some breakfast. By lunchtime I was feeling very speedy and jittery. No hunger at lunchtime. Some hunger did kick in around 3 pm so i had a snack. By roughly 4pm I felt as though i was coming down, tired, headache and the worst case of dry mouth ive ever had. I laid down till around 6 when i had to cook dinner for the family. I had a small slice of lasagne for dinner, i wasnt crazy hungry but it felt weird to cook dinner and not eat, and the food went down okay. By 10pm i was feeling all around terrible. headache, dry mouth and my heart was racing but i felt so drained and tired. I thought i could probably sleep so I put on a movie and put my head down. Around 12:30 i think i finally fell asleep, and had a pretty good restfull sleep, only waking up a few times as i normally do.

Day 2 : 94.5kg – Calories Eaten = 600, Exercise= None

Woke up at 9am and took my tablet. Slight hunger but not enough that i needed food, Felt pretty good most of the day, no crazy side effects like yesterday, bit hungry all day but i stayed strong. Had a snack at lunchtime, and a small dinner. At around 4pm i felt terrible again, tired and bit shaky etc, but this passed by around 6. Im not sure if its from the duromine, or the not eating because as soon as i had dinner i felt better. Little trouble getting to sleep but by around 12 i was asleep. I feel like i wake up easier than usual during the night, but other than that im sleeping fine.

Day 3 : 93.3kg – Calories Eaten = 000, Exercise= None

Woke up at 9am and took my tablet.